The Territory of Kindness charity programme has been running since 2015.
The main aim of the programme is to draw public attention to the problems of homeless animals❗️
"Territory of goodness"
Helping animal shelters, mini-shelters and people caring for homeless animals, improving conditions for animals.
Providing comprehensive assistance to activists and animal welfare workers.
The programme is ongoing

By the end of 2021, more than 70 BILLA, SILPO and NOVUS grocery shops were involved in the programme, from which food was shipped every week to about 35 shelters and animal volunteers who care for homeless animals. In total, more than 7000 animals were provided with food. More than 40 volunteer zookeepers were involved in the programme. In total, more than 350 tonnes of food for animals were donated to shelters and animal volunteers caring for homeless animals for the year 2021.
Due to the difficult situation in the country, this programme's mission is to help and support animal shelters in Kiev and the region:
Help and support for animal shelters in Kiev and the region.
Also to help homeless animals in difficult situations due to the war with the Russian Federation.
Account of the "Territory of Goodness" charity programme:

Territory of Goodness
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