"Support the Ukrainian Army" (launched in June 2014) - the aim of the programme is to draw public attention to the problems of Ukrainian army servicemen and to organise support for military units of the Ukrainian army.
Assistance and support to Ukrainian servicemen and their families affected by the hostilities in the ATO zone.

The programme includes the following activities:
- Provision of free legal assistance to servicemen and their family members in arranging documents and benefits stipulated by Ukrainian legislation;
- Referral to free medical treatment for servicemen from the ATO zone;
- Collection and transfer of basic necessities for servicemen in the ATO zone;
- Carrying out activities to support IDPs, explanations and consultations, organising educational and developmental activities for children from IDP families.

In 2015, the programme was suspended and resumed from 24.02.2022 due to the outbreak of war with Russia.

"Support the Ukrainian army"
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